Nathalie Moyano González


Born in Southern France to Andalusian parents, Nathalie is a translator & interpreter by profession and a flamenco aficionado by heritage. She moved to Dublin for work in 2002 and Ireland soon became her home away from home.

Nathalie's involvement in the Irish flamenco scene started in 2007 when, as an aficionado flamenco dancer, she started bringing Spanish artists to teach and perform in Dublin. From the very start she saw her most valuable role to be that of liaison and facilitator and this attitude of bringing professional flamenco to a wider audience in Ireland would define her involvement in the years to come.

In July 2009, she formalised the initiative by co-founding Peña Flamenca El Indalo, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of flamenco in Ireland through a programme of entertainment and education. Artists and audiences are continuously brought together to share in their passion for flamenco and the organisation has received strong support from Spain and Ireland.

Nathalie has been keen to involve both Spanish and Irish institutions in the organisation's activities and she has made a number of key contacts with artists and professionals in both countries. She has also given interviews to various newspapers and radios both in Spain and Ireland. Her work also gained her the trust of Spanish flamenco guitarist Juan Antonio Suárez CANO who asked her to represent him internationally.

"In promoting flamenco in Ireland, I am not just bringing Spanish culture to Ireland, I am also sharing my appreciation of Ireland and its culture with the Spanish professionals I work with on a daily basis. And this is really what prompted me to give Molly a flamenco pose. I think our logo perfectly embodies the festival's theme of building bridges between Spain and Ireland".