Peña Flamenca El Indalo

Peña Flamenca El Indalo is a Dublin-based non-profit organisation with a reputation for bringing the finest flamenco professionals to Ireland to teach and perform. It was named after el indalo and the village of Mojácar where Nathalie's family comes from.

Founded in 2009, its mission is to promote and enrich the culture of flamenco through a programme of education and entertainment. By working closely with artists and institutions in Spain and Ireland, the organisation aims to raise awareness of this passionate, multi-disciplinary art form, and to encourage and support the development of a community of flamenco aficionados.

Peña Flamenca El Indalo runs Dublin Flamenco School, led by Spanish professional dancer & choreographer Felipe de Algeciras. The school offers a wide range of weekly classes and monthly master classes for adults and children, and has a dual focus on flamenco dance technique and choreography. Continuous mentoring from Spanish professional dancers is a key requirement for Dublin Flamenco School and students are trained to acquire a strong foundation in flamenco. The school also organises flamenco guitar classes and rhythm & clapping workshops with visiting Spanish artists.

Peña Flamenca El Indalo is also the organiser of Dublin Flamenco Festival. The first edition of the festival took place in the summer of 2011 and featured some of today's most influential flamenco artists and a programme exploring dance, song and music. From modern and edgy to traditional, critics and audiences were able to discover a diversity of styles and interpretations of the art of flamenco, recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Mankind.

Press quotes

“Peña Flamenca El Indalo is a guardian of flamenco in the heart of Dublin...”
Journalist Antonio Alcántara for “La voz de Almería”
“Dublin Flamenco Festival is an exquisite balance between the pure, gypsy tradition and the new trends in dance and music.”
Journalist Manuel Moraga for "El Callejón del Cante"